June 14
- Leave by bus from Middle School to OHare Airport in Chicago
- Fly to Anchorage
- Stay at church in Palmer
June 15
-Get Basic Food in Palmer
-Camp Eklutna Lake
-Hike Hatcher Pass
June 16
- Visit Alaska Native Heritage Center
-Buy Food in Anchorage
June 17

- Run 2 or 5 Miler in Anchorage
-Free time to shop or explore

June 18
-Fatherís Day
-Travel to Denali
-Camp Grizzly Bear Campground
June 19
-Travel to Fairbanks
-Camp TV Campground
-Shop for Food
-Explore Fairbanks
June 20
-Visit UAF Museum
-Visit Pipeline
-Swim North Pole
June 21
-Solstice Festival
-Midnight Sun Baseball
June 22
-Travel to Denali
-Camp Grizzly Bear Campground
-Rafting trip for JL and interested adults
June 23
-All day tour of Denali NP
-Pizza Party
June 24
-Climb Mt Healy
-Sled dog Demo
June 25
-Travel to Palmer
-Stay in Church
-Pool Party
June 26
- Shop for food in Anchorage
- Drive to Seward with stops along Turnigan Arm
- Lunch at The Bakeshop in Girdwood
- Camp at Seward Municipal Campground
June 27
-Boat Tour on Resurrection Bay
June 28
-Visit Fish Weir
-Climb Exit Glacier
June 29
-Travel to Homer
-Stop at Russian church
-Camp at Seaside Farms
June 30
-Tide-pooling in Homer
-Explore the Spit
July 1
-All Day Whale Watch
July 2
-Visit Kilcher Homestead
July 3
-Travel to Palmer
-Stay in Church
July 4
-Celebrate the holiday
July 5
-Return to Hatcher Pass
-Pack for Home
-Pool Party
July 6
- Pack vans
- Visit Anchorage museums
- Pizza party
- Fly home arrive July 7
July 7
- Arrive home