- Kate

Alaska Is...

       independence with a group, because you’re up far away from home and all the restraints of Marshall and you have to get stuff done without your parents doing it for you. Except you aren’t really alone—you’ve got 80 other people who are ready to help you. The whole group and being together in such a beautiful place is what Alaska is to me.

Final Reflections

        Looking back on my trip to Alaska now that it’s almost over, I realize that everything I’ve gone through on this trip is (and was) worth it. I had some bad days while I was here for stupid reasons, like maybe my friends and I argued or I missed home, but if you just look around while you’re here you come to your senses and see that you just have to enjoy it. Being in Alaska is not something that most people get to do, and my friends and I are so lucky to have gotten to wake up and see mountains, or go look for whales, or to be able to climb a glacier and look at the view off the peak. Not only did I do amazing things here I got to do it with amazing people. Sometimes you know people but don’t really actually know them, and going on this trip I made new friendships while making old ones stronger. Before I left home I though these three weeks would last forever but in reality they flew by and I hope I can remember this forever and maybe hopefully come back here someday.