- Meghan

Alaska Is...

       nothing I expected. It’s amazing! The scenery is unbelievable. I’ve never seen a mountain before in my life, and wow. In Alaska I just feel so relaxed, and I don’t have to worry about anything. The one thing that kind of makes me mad is that the trip is going by so fast, and soon we’re oing to be leaving. So far I’ve had an awesome time. From climbing Exit Glacier to the fish weir, the midnight baseball game and the sun run, it’s all been great. Alaska is pretty much sweet!

Final Reflections

        I honestly don’t know how to describe how amazing Alaska is. I didn’t expect Alaska to even be like this at all. I think coming here was a great idea. I did a lot of things that I have never done before and probably won’t get the chance to experience again, unless I come back, which I’m highly considering. In Alaska everything is so laid back and I never have to worry about anything. Being gone from home for three weeks really helped things off my mind. I’ve definitely learned a lot on the trip as well as made new friends and gotten closer with others. I can still remember the day we got on the plane to come here and up until our plane boards in Anchorage. All the memories will last a lifetime. I think that this trip taught me a lot, and also with being yourself. Being in Alaska for three weeks changed my outlook on life. I learned to never pass up any opportunities to do something because you could ever get that chance to ever do it again.