- Kate

Alaska Is...

Alaska is very beautiful and bold
With its majestic mountains
Leading upwards to the cold

The Alaskan sun is so blinding
In the sky all day and night
The bright rays keep shining.

Alaska is the place where you can forget all your worries, just be who you are, and have fun. You can get lost in the beauty of Alaska easily. You have so much freedom when you’re standing on top of the mountains, looking at the breathtaking land beneath your feet. It’s a great indescribable feeling when returning home to see that it’s stayed the same, but at the same time, to realize the ways in which you yourself have changed.

Final Reflections

        Oh my! Alaska is…by FAR my favorite place in the world. In Alaska you receive surprises each day that you could only dream about anywhere else. Another wonderful aspect about Alaska is that you can lose yourself, and all sense of time. Alaska takes your breath away every day that you’re camping and you wake up to the scenery laid out by Mother Nature right in front of your eyes. Before I came here I never imagined it to be this beautiful. I know at the moment that I’m taking all this for granted but someday I’ll look back on this trip and realize how lucky I was that I got to go on this trip. I have learned so much from this trip, not just about Alaska, but about myself as well. Going to Alaska is all about firsts, changing for the better and building new friendships.