- Kari

Alaska Is...

       a time to get away from things at home and think. It’s a time to not only get to know other people, but to know myself as well. This trip has definitely made me realize how much crying you can do when you think. Alaska is definitely an amazing place to be, and it’s a place that has so much to offer. The scenery here in Alaska helps to reveal to all of us how beautiful this world really is. The beauty of Alaska could probably equal out to a majority of the beauty in t he rest of the world. I honestly think that when I get home, whenever I’m just sitting there, I will start to think back to the beautiful scenery there is here in Alaska.

Final Reflections

        As I look back at these past three weeks in Alaska, I start to realize what an amazing opportunity this trip is. I have done so much for the first time and I have seen so many incredible animals and scenery. Alaska is so beautiful, and it shows you what this world really has to offer. It’s a place to think about everything and how wonderful it all is. I think that if anyone ever gets the opportunity to go to Alaska, they should take it. I’m so glad I came because I got to really know some people that I didn’t know before. It’s amazing how a tri like this can change people. Coming to Alaska was an awesome experience. Even though this trip was incredible, I wish I could do some parts of the trip over again. Id o understand thought hat’s how a lot of things in life go. When you make a mistake or do something that you wish you didn’t do, we all wish for the second chances that we don’t get. When I get home, I will think about Alaska when certain things happen or I’m reminded of something that happened here. I think that will be good for me because it will help to make me realize what a wonderful time I have had in the past three weeks. I really hope I decide to come back next year because I know I’ll have another amazing experience in Alaska.