- Sarah

Alaska Is...

       a place of realization. I went on this trip again because I really wanted to get away from my normal life and problems. I’ve found how important people are to me and that I like helping to solve problems. Looking at work and problems at an Alaskan point of view makes everything seem more enjoyable and a lot easier. I really love the people on this trip and the experiences I’ve had are worth everything. Alaska is a place to learn and grow.

Final Reflections

        I thought coming back to Alaska for the third time might be too much. Living with 79 other people, showering every three days, facing challenges I never thought possible, and leading people through one of the greatest places on earth. Oh yeah, piece of cake. Turns out that even though sometimes things get hard, there’s always someone to help you out. Someone you just met three weeks ago but seems like it’s been a lifetime. That’s why coming to Alaska was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. The third time too much! Ha! It was barely enough!