- Kaitlyn

Alaska Is...

       the only place I want to be. Yes, I like Michigan and my home, but Alaska is a lot more fun. All the van trips to places like Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks, and Seward with the radio blasting is so much fun. All the gift shops have a lot of cool things, like key chains, magnets, pins, and so much more. Alaska is a lot of fun and I hope it continues to be!

Final Reflections

        Looking out the window on the airplane I though about how much fun I would have. Now that our trip is coming to an end I realized how many new things I’ve tried…and completed. Now I think I can do just about whatever I set my mind to. I’ve climbed mountains I thought I’d never climb. On Exit Glacier I wanted to quit, but I made it and I was glad I did. The view was amazing. I now realize the line “Life is like a road that you travel on,” is true. The bumps are like the rough times and the straight-aways, like highways, is the good times. That’s how I feel about Alaska. Overall I enjoyed this trip and hope to come back someday!