- Heather

Alaska Is...

       amazing and beautiful. I would probably want to come to live here for a little bit but not for too long because I wouldn’t want to keep traveling to Michigan every holiday and having to try and figure out a way to travel by airplane, or I could just travel by car. But waking up in the morning and seeing all the mountain scenery surrounding me is just gorgeous. But I wouldn’t want to live here in the winter because it gets extremely cold here, especially if its’ a house out by a lake or out by the ocean, although it would be very pretty.

Final Reflections

        What I thought about the trip to Alaska was really awesome an being able to see all the amazing sights of the mountains and everything else like the Midnight Sun was really amazing to see when we woke up. Another thing that I thought was pretty was seeing the whales breach, swim next to, and fluke right next to the boat. The next thing that I really enjoyed of being in Alaska is climbing Exit Glacier and Mount Healy and being able to see all the wonderful and pretty sights that there are once you reach the summit of the mountains and glaciers.