- Carly

Alaska Is...

       unbelievable. Everything here just looks so amazing, fake, and beautiful. I expected Alaska to be totally different so I am glad I was given this chance to be here and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for myself.

Final Reflections

        The van that six other people and I have been practically living if or three weeks is back to how it was when we first got it at the airport in Anchorage. No more souveniers, tootsie pop rappers, Ritz crackers or dirty socks lying around it. It is clean. No more people singing or laughing together in it. The only thing that is left is the unforgettable memories of the once in a lifetime trip.
        When I first decided to be a part of the Alaska Great Lakes Project I expected it to be an amazing experience, one that would allow me to grow and mature as a person. After spending three and a half weeks away from family and friends and with the same 78 other people I have realized that the little things in life can have the biggest impact on life. I have not only grown and matured but I have also learned to never be afraid to just be myself and to branch out and make new friends. Another really important thing that this trip has taught me is to not get caught up in all the drama because there are definitely more important things in life.
        When we arrived in Anchorage on June 13th I was immediately blown away by the gorgeous mountains. They looked so fake, unreal, and almost like they weren’t really there. As the trip went on I continued to be blown away by the beauty of this place. it’s hard to explain Alaska. it is one of those places where you don’t know what to expect until you’re there experiencing it all. It feels unreal but so real at the same time. Everything about it seems so perfect.
        This trip has been even more than I expected and I am thankful for each and every day that was given to me in Alaska. Even though the trip is over and we are leaving doesn’t mean I am ready to go. I have grown and learned so much that it is hard to say goodbye. The most important thing that I have learned the past three and a half weeks is that when I’m given an opportunity I should take advantage of it because hey, I never know if I will every get that chance or opportunity again in my lifetime. It’s kind of like in the trips theme song this year “I hope you dance.” When you get the choice to sit it out or dance; dance.