When any member of the Interview Committee does an interview, it will be put
below their headshot and name along with the date on which it was written.
The Alaska Is and Final Reflection of each member may also be accesed by clicking the picture.

- Laura Karr   - Hannah Rockwell

Rock And Roll Driver- 7/6/09


Big Man Watching the People- 6/25/09

The Rainbow Conference- 7/7/09

Seven States in Ten Years- 7/9/09

- Grace Belew   - Ashley Earl

The Best of Both World- 6/22/09

Gone, and Loving It- 6/26/09

Berry Inspirational- 7/1/09

When Opportunity Knocks- 7/6/09

Guitar for Life- 7/8/09

Everything is Not What it Seems- 7/9/09



The Master Carver - 6/22/09

Fish Philosiphy at Work- 6/26/09

Catch of the Day- 7/1/09

The Captains Eyes- 7/6/09

Teaching Green- 7/8/09

Changed for the Better- 7/9/09

- Ben Hendler   - Summer Katz

The Musical Alaskan- 6/22/09

Fun in the Midnight Sun- 6/26/09

Small Town Fish Man- 7/1/09

From Alaska to D.C- 7/6/09

The Intern from Minnesota-7/8/09

The Iditarod Veteran- 7/9/09


Finally Free- 6/22/09

Beautiful Alaska- 6/26/09

Roughing It- 7/1/09

Easy To Hitch Hike- 7/6/09

Life in Alaska- 7/8/09

Something to Keep Busy- 7/9/09

- Phillip May   - Stuart Murch

Pure At Heart- 6/22/09

Alone in the World- 6/26/09

The Real Northern Exposure- 7/1/09

Deadliest Catch- 7/5/09

Ice Cream on the Fly- 7/8/09

Taxi- 7/9/09


Priest to Pirate- 6/25/09

A Man of Many Mysteries- 6/26/09

The Alaska Effect- 7/1/09

Captain Dan- 7/7/09

From Mammoths to People- 7/8/09

Some Times You Can’t Go Home- 7/9/09