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Top Ten Alaskan Summer Activities - 2011

In the beautiful state of Alaska there is an endless number of possibilities of events that you cannot help but surrender your eyes and self to. The eye cannot take in everything that is seen, but then we all know looking and seeing are not always the same thing. Every leaf has a difference from its partner beside it, which is also different from the strong branch that it lays on. Within each crack a story is known but not shared. Though Alaska is an experience that not many are blessed with, we are a few of those who have an amazing community along with supportive families and friends that allow us this experience it. There are a few things that are recognized to be the top things to see and do in Alaska this year and I was surprised to find how many of them we participate in as a part of the AGLP group. First of these being to take a hike, we have already taken one and have the opportunity to take two more beautiful ones. Second is to catch an arctic grayling and though chances are that we will not actually catch one, there is a good chance that we will see one on the resurrection bay boat trip, a favorite of many, myself included. Third, is to make a visit to a musher. We have done this in Denali National Park and might do it again if possible. Fourth is to ride a bus through Denali National Park and Preserve which we have done part of and will be completing on our return to Denali in a few days. Fifth is one we will unfortunately not be able to do. Because we use rental vans for this trip we will not be able to drive across the Denali highway. And sixth, is another activity we will not be participating in for safety reasons, whitewater rafting in Denali Park. Seven, drive to the end of a road, which we do in Homer. Eight, climb to the top of a dome, which we will do in Palmer. Nine kill a mosquito, which many if not all of our participants, junior leaders, and drivers have done. Lastly finishing off number ten is to find a moose, an activity we have been lucky enough to have done on more than one occasion, and have hopes to see many more. All of Alaska is a sight that captures the eyes of the many beholders that come to see and marvel at its beauty and these ten activates that taken the top space in things to do for many people.